Acupuncture Awareness Week

It is Acupuncture Awareness Week 2016 and this year the focus is on sports injuries with Olympian swimmer Rebecca Adlington raising the profile of traditional acupuncture and its benefits. Acupuncture Awareness Week is coordinated by the British Acupuncture Council and previous years have focused on the benefits of traditional acupuncture for conditions such as insomnia,…

Meridians and Traditional Acupuncture

If you are searching for an acupuncturist make sure you research your practitioner first. Choose one who understands meridians and Chinese medicine. This short video illustrates the meridian system used in traditional acupuncture.

Colds and ‘Flu

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Stress and our health

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Fibromyalgia and Acupuncture

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Cancer Research UK

One reason people with cancer use acupuncture is to help relieve sickness (nausea) caused by chemotherapy. Another reason to come for traditional acupuncture is that it can be very relaxing and it can improve your sense of wellbeing. Read more about the topic here on the Cancer Research UK website

Gastrointestinal tract disorders

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Acupuncture practitioners in the UK

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Sleep – getting a balance

Insomnia can mean different things to people – for some it can be the inability to fall asleep easily. For others it is waking up in the night or early in the morning.  It may be sleep that is disturbed by dreams. The knock on effect can be exhaustion and lack of get up and…

National Infertility Awareness Week

Its National Infertility Awareness Week. Infertility is the inability of a couple to get pregnant despite having regular unprotected sex. A couple is regarded as infertile if, after regular sexual intercourse, they have not conceived in two years. It is estimated that one in seven UK couples has difficulty conceiving (HFEA, 2006). Identifiable causes of…

Anxiety: the silent sufferers

New research suggests that anxiety is often suffered in silence, as over two thirds of the estimated three million UK sufferers fail to seek treatment. The study carried out by the British Acupuncture Council and Anxiety UK, to mark World Mental Health Day (10th October), questioned whether sufferers are currently aware of all the alternative…

Backcare Awareness Week 7 – 11 October 2013

Back pain is one of the leading causes of work-related sickness absence. Approximately 40% of people experience lower back pain at some point in their adult life. Acute episodes are usually less than 6 weeks in duration, while chronic lower back pain can last for more than 12 weeks. There can be various causes ranging from…